Beverly Hills Smile Makeover

20 Mar

Beverly Hills Smile MakeoverA smile makeover is a comprehensive combination of cosmetic dental procedures, intended to enhance the beauty and appearance of the patient’s smile. Beverly Hills smile makeover is performed very widely focusing on correcting various problems, including broken or chipped teeth, crooked, missing or discolored.

A smile makeover procedure combines various procedures giving the patient a better smile. Large gaps in the teeth may be corrected with dental implants and chipped teeth may be repaired with dental bonding. If the teeth are stained or discolored, then the dentist may perform tooth whitening.

The dentist may evaluate an individual planning for smile makeover and consider the whole appearance  such as hair color, skin tone, gum tissue, lip size and shape, and the color, width, length and shape of teeth — to help establish the ideal smile. The advantages of Beverly Hills smile makeover are

  • Restore function of the teeth
  • Enhances smile and confidence
  • Improves oral health

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