Beverly Hills Body Lift

13 Mar

Beverly Hills Body LiftA body lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue, skin and fat from the body, and repositions and tightens the remaining skin. The Beverly Hills body lift is commonly performed by the plastic surgeon after massive weight loss.

Beverly Hills body lift usually involves reducing excess skin in many areas of the body, and may be categorized as thigh lift, lower body lift, arm lift and tummy tuck. During the procedure, the surgeon removes skin and some fatty tissues to relieve sagging skin along the limbs and abdomen. After skin removal, the surgeon sutures the incision sites and then dresses the new wounds. As the results of the surgery may be undone by childbirth, it is best suited to individuals who are done with having and nursing children. The final results of the procedure may be observed after 6 weeks from the treatment. A body lift may help both men and women to appear younger, more athletic and more attractive.

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